A bit of Trivia here--The photo [by K.Thornhill] to the right was taken at the Centennial Fandango,  celebration, on February 14, 2012, with Lola wearing her
Mother’s embroidered silk mantilla, shawl.

The form with exacting directions provided by the Commission is filled in. Letters of recommendation are gathered, plans are presented. In due time a congratulatory letter arrives from the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission (AHAC). Thank you, Natural Resources Legacy Commission, for giving the “Butterflies & Gardens” (B & G ) project along with the Butterfly Quest website the opportunity and the privilege to proceed under the aura of your approval. 

The suggested order for organizations who are interested in participating as a centennial group in the project are listed by the ad hoc committee. Each organization names one member as coordinator representative--for communication purposes. The organization retains its name and entity but is enrolled as “Centennial". It follows that all the members of that organization are enrolled as Arizona Centennial participants. Each organization coordinator has one vote. Further discussion leaves the door open for others like the six mentioned above organizations to join the Centennial group. The time allotted for the project is 12 months from the time it starts.

AHAC advises that reports from the project will be called for; the first one in 90 days or near the middle of July, 2012, from the start-up date of April.12, 2012 to April 12, 2013. The ideal set-up for the B & G project would be for the “coordinators “ to inform the members of the clubs regarding the Centennial Project, to explain that the energy to perform comes from (a) their interest in Nature (b) their intent of befriending the butterflies and tending the garden (c) the tribute that they wish to express for Arizona’s natural resources and its people during their 100-year history. 

The Mission of the B & G Centennial Project is to distribute free information principally  in an online format and/or a CD which can be used in the classroom or at home for those interested in learning about Butterflies & Gardens.

The Hypothesis: By acclamation and reputation Arizona is known as  one of the top three Butterfly States. It is third after Texas and California.  With the Centennial as an incentive and with the cooperation of all, Arizona can be the most butterfly friendly State. 

The Goal: to make and  keep Arizona as  the most butterfly friendly state.The underlying force  of the B & G established active  supportive  organizations shall  plan and enable  activities that will keep the goal in mind.

The Objectives:  •to protect butterflies • to provide  food for butterflies • to increase and improve their habitats  • to educate the public to use pollinator friendly practices  •to modify or eliminate harmful or dangerous practices.

The Pledge: Regular membership meetings open  with a salute  to  the flag and the  recitation  of The Centennial  Pledge by the members.  


The  Centennial Pledge

I  PLEDGE to protect and  conserve the resources of planet Earth. 

I PROMISE to promote education and become a better caretaker of 

Arizona's air, water, forest, land, plant life  and wildlife. [anon] 

What is Butterfly Quest?

Butterfly Quest (BQ) is a website (like which there is no other), a CD, a resource of fascinating facts and intriguing insights on Butterflies & Gardens with stunning slides, YouTube videos plus a few vignettes for fun and bits of trivia. BQ has three files.
- FILE 1, PART 1 is about butterflies in general.
- FILE 1, PART 2 Is the profile of Arizona’s officially elected State Butterfly, Papilio  
muicaudata, Kirby, 1884, the Two-tailed Swallowtail.
- FILE 2 contains the slides.

- FILE 3 is the bonus file which contains a history, “Behind the Scenes,” biographical sketches, a Publicity Flyer and a list of selected butterfly and garden -related YouTube Videos, Appendix A regional Host regional plants for the caterpillar, Appendix B regional Nectar plants for the adult butterfly and The Fact Sheet.

Step-by-step guidelines for making a presentation:

  1. 1.Download the files. Click Quest TEXT, File 1 Parts 1 and 2 to begin a trial run and review the contents.

  2. 2.Print File 1 Parts 1 and 2 and bind the manuscripts

  3. 3.When the title page appears for Power Point File 2, click “VIEW ", and then click "SLIDE SHOW." Begin a trial run to review the SLIDE contents; as well as the
    YouTube VIDEO selections. To end, click triangle symbol or click close .

  4. 4.If the presentation needs to be customized, select items  from the printed TEXT, make a copy of what you wish to present for the proposed viewing.

  5. 5.Highlight and narrate from the TEXT as the related PowerPoint slides are
    clicked. (Each SLIDE has an assigned slide number to a related TEXT page number)

  6. 6.Coordinate the amount of time available with the amount of material chosen. Consider allowing time for questions.

What is required in making a presentation?

To present a Butterfly Quest Show, a computer that has PowerPoint software or PowerPoint Viewer is needed for a private or small audience presentation. For a larger audience, in addition to the computer, a digital projector and a screen are suggested

NOTE: Free PowerPoint viewers may be downloaded from the following website

In addition, some of the text documents are in “pdf format.” If you don’t have Power Point, Adobe Reader is needed to open these documents. It is available as a no-charge download from Adobe's website: currently-- 

Where are the files?

Download the files by clicking the below links (click each file only once)

File 1 Parts 1 and 2.zip

File 2.zip

File 3 Bonus.zip

Files that are downloaded will appear in your download folder. Download all files and save to a CD or local hard drive.

* Monarch Danaus glippus, topside of wings

*Gulf Fritillary Agraulis vanillae, underside

*Gulf Fritillary Agraulis vanillae, topside

*Melissa Blue Lycaeides melissa, topside

* Melissa Blue  Lycaeides melissa, underside

“An excellent comprehensive program with the possibility of educating the entire state free of charge. [ Lola] White and the Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs are to be commended on such an ambitious and worthwhile project. The PowerPoint presentation and slide show are skillfully explained and guidelines are easy to follow even for a novice on the computer.

Congratulations for a superb project and Book of Evidence.”


Wendy E. Cote

NGC Butterfly    

Questions or comments?

Lola B. White, Ed.D. 3212 N. Miller Road Unit 142 Scottsdale AZ 85251-3632


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Use the language of the Lepidopterist.

Reflect the attitude of the Scientist.

Evoke the passion of the Butterflier.

-Lola White